Hand Beaded Bridal Purse, Bridal Jewelry and Bridesmaids Accessories


 Who doesn’t love a May Wedding and a beautiful bride!  My niece Megan, our current bride-to-be, is the inspiration for my recent creations!  With a stunning Hand-Beaded Purse and hand crafted Bridal Jewelry, her day is sure to be as remarkable as she is!

The Hand Beaded Purse design began with an ivory satin clutch in a shape that compliments her dress.  I like to pick a design detail from the brides dress to repeat on her purse.  The floral motif is found in the delicate lace throughout the bodice and underlay in the skirt.  In addition, I chose a shimmering pattern to highlight as well.  Delicate silver glass seed beads are used throughout the lace at the neckline for a subtle sparkle.  After the wedding I will add additional photos to show you the complete ensemble.

Back to the Hand Beaded Purse; every bead is stitched by hand, directly onto the purse.  I enjoy using a variety of beads from Swarovski crystals, glass seed beads, faceted European glass and various pearls in different shades and shapes.  The effect is multi-dimensional and can only truly be appreciated in person.  My attempts to photographs the details pale in comparison to the actual beauty of the piece.

The Bridal Jewelry was designed with Megan’s input.  She chose the delicate style of the drop necklace and the shape of the pendant earrings.  The results are a perfect complement to her stunning gown.  They add just enough sparkle and elegance, but not too much to overpower the main focus of her dress.

 The Bridesmaid’s Jewelry is similar in style but made in a grayish purple and silver.  The chandelier earrings and drop necklace are inspired by Megan’s design.  I was very busy making 6 sets for the attendants to wear.  I will add more photos after the big day!

It has certainly been a very busy couple of months!  My little fingers have been beading away and enjoying every minute of it!  I hope you enjoy my newest works of art!

Have an awesome day!



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  1. Oh my gosh Stacey, it’s unbelievable! I have had the pleasure of seeing your work in person (remember down at the harbor?) and it is breathtaking. I think your niece is a very lucky girl!

    • Thank you Jeanne! I still don’t have the talent that you do! When will we see some of your current Masterpieces?!

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